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Academy for Public Scholarship on the Built Environment: Climate Action

ACSA is establishing an extended training opportunity for faculty to expand the impact of their research and scholarship beyond the academy. This opportunity is for architecture faculty, whose research intersects with climate action or climate justice, and is intended to help them impact conversations that affect everyone.
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US and Canadian Architecture Programs

In recent years, ACSA has expanded its membership to include architecture programs both accredited and non-accredited by NAAB. In an effort to increase access, the discipline has created multiple entry points to study architecture.
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Index of Scholarship

The Index is a database that catalogs faculty research at ACSA member schools, to help identify experts in a particular area.
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ACSA Budget and Enrollment Survey

ACSA's annual report on budget, applications, enrollment, and faculty staffing, at member schools in the U.S., Canada, and abroad.
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ACSA Atlas

Atlas is an ongoing project examining architectural education in relationship to demographics, higher education, the profession, and the economy.
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Design, Health, and Resilience

ACSA has partnered with AIA to develop research, scholarship, and curricular resources to develop explicit connections between design, health, and resilience. Two rounds of AIA Decade of Design grants have been offered, with additional grants anticipated in 2016.
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ACSA International Engagement Survey

ACSA survey uncovers trends surrounding international partnerships, student admissions, recruitment, study abroad and faculty and student exchange programs.
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Roundup of Data on Architecture Education

This is a collection of links to existing quantitative and qualitative research on architectural education and its relationship to careers and higher education, from non-ACSA sources.
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Professor and Administrator Salaries in Architecture

How much do architecture professors and deans earn relative to their counterparts from other majors?
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Architecture Within Academic Institutional Structures

What is the place of ACSA programs within the structure of their institutions? Who are ACSA's deans, directors, heads, and chairs?
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Visualizing Archinect's Architecture Salary Poll

Every school of architecture in Canada recently completed a survey covering programs, faculty, enrollment, facilities, areas of focus, and more.
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We invite each of you to submit current coursework from any level of the curriculum, in any program, on any topic—studio, seminar, or lecture; design or research; foreign or domestic study.