Index of Scholarship

February 2024

Kendall A. Nicholson, Ed.D.

with collaborative effort from ACSA Research Fellows: Chrys Combs, Kate Witt, Michelle Marin, Jeff Wilkinson, Sarah Carter, and Lance Arevalo

The Index of Scholarship is a database of research expertise at ACSA member programs.  For ACSA members, the Index is part of an effort to help stimulate funding opportunities and cross-institution collaboration. The goal is to have a visual resource that faculty, administrators, firms and prospective students can use to acknowledge research in academia. For prospective students, the Index is a visual resource that can be referenced when deciding where to apply.

Use the visualizations below to search for faculty members by expertise and to visualize in greater detail research expertise across architecture programs.

Faculty: If you’d like to update the information attached to your entry in the Index feel free to email or update your ACSA profile by logging in here.

Prospective Students: If you need more help finding schools of interest, visit Study Architecture to explore a wealth of resources, surround school philosophy, admissions, degree options and the latest news in the global architecture community.

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Kendall Nicholson, Ed.D.
Senior Director of Research, Equity, and Education