Visualizing Archinect’s Architecture Salary Poll

February 2015

Through an anonymous poll, Archinect collects information from online community members about salaries, satisfaction, and other juicy career details. The graphics on these pages visualize just under 5000 responses (with a focus on just under 4000 U.S. and Canada-based responses) received in 2013 and 2014.

You can browse individual people’s stories on this page, or take a more analytic look at charts and maps to find out how different types of firms, job titles and licensure, and gender make a difference in architecture careers.

This data comes from survey respondents who shared their details in Archinect’s ongoing open poll. There was no random sampling or verification of identity or other data. Although we cleaned up some obvious outliers, keep in mind that the data may not represent the full picture in any given category, especially when looking at fewer data points. You can help improve the completeness of this data by responding to Archinect‘s anonymous Architecture Salary Poll.

Find Your Story: Careers in Architecture

This graphic is the next best thing to hanging with 4,000 of your closest friends, sharing stories on your careers and salaries. Each face tells you one person’s story from Archinect‘s Architecture Salary Poll. Use the filters to see a different group of people, and hover over each face to find out more.

Thanks to Archinect for sharing the data in their Architecture Salary Poll. If you want to see more from where this came from, you can also take a more analytic look through charts and maps at how different types of firmsjob titles and licensure, and gender make a difference in architecture careers.


Kendall Nicholson
Director of Research + Information