Research & Scholarship Committee

The Research & Scholarship Committee leads ACSA’s efforts to support faculty in scholarly endeavors. The committee monitors and assesses ACSA programs involving peer review and recognition, and recommends actions to advocate for support for architectural research and scholarship.

José Ibarra

Assistant Professor
University of Colorado Denver
Denver, CO

Vandana Baweja

Associate Professor
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Timothy Adekunle

Associate Professor
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Eric Wayne Ellis

Senior Director of Operations and Programs
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Washington, DC

Joyce Hwang

Director & Associate Professor
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Buffalo, NY

Martha Campbell

Rocky Mountain Institute
Oakland, CA

Catherine Hamel

Associate Dean and Associate Professor
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

Gundula Proksch

Associate Professor
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

2022-2023 Research & Scholarship Committee

Specific Charge

Advancing Scholarship on Climate Action in Built Environments. The Research and Scholarship Committee is charged with assessing scholarly work in the discipline on the intersection of climate action, equity and social justice in the built environment. The committee will collect data on scholarly activity, identify case studies, and consult experts in the field as required to create a summary report of scholarly trends in this arena and recommend strategies by which ACSA can support future research and dissemination over the next three years. Data collection should focus on the ACSA journals TAD and JAE, papers and posters presented at ACSA conferences, and ACSA sponsored awards as appropriate. The committee will determine if a survey to ACSA members is desirable