October 12-14, 2017  |  Marfa, Texas
Hosted School:            Texas Tech University, College of Architecture
Co-chairs:                    Urs Peter Flueckiger, Texas Tech University
                                    Victoria McReynolds, Texas Tech University

Following is the conference schedule, which is subject to change. Please check back for the most up-to-date information. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

 4:00pm   Registration Opens
Film Screening & Opening Discussion Keynote & Reception

Friday, October 13, 2017

 8:00am   Grab & Go Breakfast (provided)


Between Worlds: Art and Architecture I
Moderator: Kim Stringfellow, San Diego State University

  • In-Between the Physical and the Psychological: Locating Gordon Matta-Clark and Architecture
  • Common Ground: The Rothko Chapel and Architectural Activism
  • Bad Acting Architecture
  • Sensual Reality - The Affect of Representation and the Effect of Experience

Neither Here nor There: Design and Mobility
Moderator: Jesse LeCavalier, New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • Self-Assembled, Self-Fulfilled and Self-Aware : Spatial Design for a Post-Anthropic Post-Species
  • The “I” POD: Moving from Community to Territoriality
  • Aerotropolis: Airport as situational places of autonomous congestion
  • Intern(ed): Between Invisible and Made Visible, Past and Present, (Un)mediated and Performed.

Here (T)here: Architecture in Relationship to Diverse Terrains
Val K. Warke, Cornell University

  • [Untitled]
  • Scapes Collective Manifesto: Situated Knowledge in Local Matters and Global Conditions
  • Shapes and Instruments: The Reification of Architectural Optimism and the Emergence of New Participatory Dimensions
  • Lost & Found in Translation: Paradoxically Between the Near and Far, The Virtual and Actual, The Real and Representational, + Between Drawings and Buildings

The Case for the Remote: Traversing the Unknown
Moderator: Rosalyne Shieh, Yale

  • Locating Remote Proximities: Documenting Yugoslav Socialist Memorial Heritage
  • Landscape in Fragments: A Study of an Albanian Landscape Corridor from Shkodra to the Adriatic Sea
  • The Fogo Island Experiment
  • Wheels in the Wilderness: A Case Study
 10:00am   Break
 10:30am   Between Worlds: Art and Architecture II
Moderator: Lily Chi, Cornell University

  • 90 Lines: Decoding Liminal Space
  • basics
  • Light Formations
  • The Warming Hive

  Design Methods: Working Across Boundaries
Moderator: Tamar Zinguer, The Cooper Union

  • Eyes Wide Open Inward
  • Sectional Practices: Between Archaeology and Generation
  • Three Voices: Reading and Re-reading Breaking Ground
  • Unfindable Constructs: What Do You Get When You Cross a Pataphysician with an Architect?

Remote Sites: When There Becomes Here
Moderator: Terah Maher, Texas Tech University 

  • Instructive Anholt: Denmark’s Most Remote and Reflective Municipality
  • Between Earth and Sky: Reclaiming the Disappearing Dark
  • Dryland Crossings: Four Projects for Land Water Itineraries for Remote Territories
  • Learning from Land Arts: Deep and Immediate Temporal Crossings

Up Against the Wall: Borders, Walls, Territories
Moderator: Robert Gonzalez, Texas Tech University

  • Carnal Knowledge and Alienation: Lygia Clark’s “Stone and Air”
  • Redefining Boundaries: #ThisIsNotAWall
  • On Primitive Materiality: A Projective History of a Wall
  • The War-hole Wall: Between the Ridiculous and the Profound
 12:00pm   Lunch (provided)
 1:30pm   Digital Tooling: Configuring This Against That
Moderator: Ersela Kripa, Texas Tech University

  • Typo: On Typology and Error
  • Signal / Noise: Code and Craft in Architectural Drawing
  • Prototyping Digital Ceramic Lattice Structures
  • Deceiving the Architectural Enemy

  • The Ambiguous Horizon: Between Here and There
    Moderator: Val K. Warke, Cornell University

    • How to Look at Clouds: Energy Beyond Atmosphere in Architecture
    • Shadow Landings: Community Engagement with Art and the Creative Process
    • The Cold War on the Plains: Futurism and Apocalypse in Oklahoma Architecture

    At the Edge: The Remote as a Pedagogical Device
    Moderator: William Erik Heintz, American University of Sharjah    
    • Automation and Architecture, Then and Now
    • Border Crossings: Pedagogical Lessons from the American Southwest
    • Immersive Learning in Remote Environments
    • The Painful Surface of Architecture

    Urban Negotiations I: Alternative Trajectories
    Moderator: Jason Young, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

    • Folkcodes and the Urban Legendary:  Michael Sorkin, the Congress for New Urbanism and American Remoteness in the 1990s
    • Learning from California City
    • NO MORE TOWER DESERTS! Towards an Urbanism of Mat-organization
    • Building Metropolitan Consciousness  
     3:00pm   Tours: Judd Foundation or Chinati Foundation
     5:00pm   Judd Foundation, The Block (Residence & Library)
     6:00pm   Keynote: Sofia von Ellrichshausen & Supper (provided)

    Saturday, October 14, 2017

    Grab & Go Breakfast (provided)
    Place on the Page: Mapping + Imagination
    Moderator: Jessica Colangelo, Texas Tech University

    • Checking In, Checking Out
    • Residue: A Study of People and Place in Texas
    • Towards a New Notion of Geography
    • -ville, USA
    Sacred Sites: Transcendent Thresholds
    Moderator: Gini Lee, University of Melbourne

    • ‘Tirtha’ (Crossing): Indian Water Architecture as a Threshold Between Worlds
    • Across Time: New Forms of Representation for Architectural Heritage Sites
    • Between Skins
    • Good Architecture:  Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value in the Mission Church of Ranchos de Taos, NM

    Architecture at the Edge: Emergent Views
    Moderator: Meredith L. Miller, University of Michigan

    • The Gathered Field
    • Landscape as Laboratory
    • Taken Out of Context
    • Eladio Dieste: A Network of Precise Errors

    Urban Negotiations II: Pasts + Futures
    Moderator: Lily Chi, Cornell University

    • Ghostlands Studio: Expeditionary Learning and Local Design Build in Response to America’s Dead and Dying Towns
    • Radical Regionalism: An Aesthetic Future for Rural America
    • The (Post-) Urban Compound
     10:00am   Break
     10:30am   Land and the Anthropocene: Crossing Natures
    Moderator: Andrés Mignucci, University of Puerto Rico

    • History of the Sandbox: Between the INtimate and the Vast
    • Doppelgänger Landscapes
    • Irrational Management: Designing For and Against Nature
    • Mutualistic Occupation
    • Techno-scientific Specimens of the Anthropogenic Sublime

    Land Stories: The Landscape as Protagonist
    Moderator: Curtis Bauer, Texas Tech University

    • Dark Architecture
    • Built on Fiction: The Timber Arena of Shelby, Montana
    • The Girl and the Infrastructural Sea: Defining Proximate Occupations in the Remote Landscape
    • The Mojave Project: A Transmedia Exploration of an Archetypal Landscape
    Notions of Materiality: Virtual, Ephemeral and Political
    Moderator: Peter Raab, Texas Tech University

    • Material Practices For Deep and Immanent Temporality
    • Neolithic Props: A Case for Scenographic Materiality
    • The Constructor Artist: Words as Material in the Russian Avant-Garde
    • What You Don’t See Matters: Supply Chain Capitalism and the Architecture of Production
    Architecture and the Politics of Place
    Moderator: Nichole Wiedemann, University of Texas, Austin

    • Encountering Architecture through Contemporary Art
    • Translating Cultural Production into Design: Research + Design + Making
    • Between a Pavilion and a Line in Space
    • Exhibit Columbus
     12:00pm    Lunch (provided)
     1:30pm   Figuring Boundaries of Body and Space
    Moderator: Whitney Moon, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

    • Data Bodies and Cyborg Architectures
    • Variable Space: A Conversation Between Architecture, Landscape and the Body
    • Temporary Place of Assembly: Certificate of Operation

    Domestic Crossings: Between House and Home
    Moderator: Heinrich Schnoedt, Virginia Tech

    • Between Model and Building: Three Houses
    • Crossings Between Material and Mind: the Tugendhat House as Dream Journey
    • Experimental Housing in Puerto Rico and Cuba:  Crossings Between Form Innovation and Traditional Habitation
    • From Marfa to Utopia, Architecture in the Experiential Landscape

    “Untitled” Works by Donald Judd: Architecture and an Absent Artist
    Moderator: Scott Pool, University of Tennessee

    • The Marfa Plan – Preserving Donald Judd’s Architectural Legacy
    • Marginalia: Some Notes on Donald Judd's Architecture Library
    • Something More Than Literal
    • Transgression:  Seeking the Limits of Judd's Architecture in the Copy
    Boundary Crossings: Politics Barriers + Landscapes
    Moderator: Christopher Bardt, Rhode Island School of Design

    • Global Vernacular
    • Indigenous Space, Colonizer Space & Spaces of re/Conciliation
    • Life Interrupted-Art for Social Change: Connecting and Crossing Boundaries of Time and Space
    • Indigenous Futurity
     3:00pm    Tours: Judd Foundation or Chinati Foundation
     6:00pm    Closing Keynote: Steven Holl & Supper (provided)

     Sunday, October 15, 2017

     7:30am         Optional Tour: Chinati Foundation, Robert Irwin's Dawn to Dusk at Dawn (additional $75)