106th Annual Meeting

106th ACSA Annual Meeting 
The Ethical Imperative
March 15-17, 2018  |  Denver, Colorado
Co-chairs: Amir Ameri, University of Colorado Denver & Rebecca O’Neal Dagg, Auburn University
Host School: University of Colorado Denver


In its material, cultural, and economic effects, architecture poses essential and unavoidable ethical quandaries and challenges. In its performative capacity to express ideology, architecture is inexorably entangled in questions of power and legitimation. As part of an interconnected global economic infrastructure that consumes natural resources at an alarming rate, architecture raises new and pressing questions with which educators, practitioners, and students must engage. 

Given that there is an infinitely ethical dimension to every aspect of architecture, the 106th ACSA Annual Meeting will seek to solicit wide reflection on the ethical challenges of architecture in a world in flux.  

Architecture as practice and as discipline and pedagogy struggles to solve problems and to advance culture. Within this struggle the discipline faces an ambiguity of values and agenda. The relationship between these two purposes, problem solving and cultural advancement, often exists as a rift, a great chasm filled with nuanced dilemmas related to ethics and power. 

Join us for the ACSA Annual Meeting in Denver 2018 to engage these and other fundamental questions that face educators across the curriculum. 


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