March 14-16, 2024 | Vancouver, BC

112th Annual Meeting



June 14, 2023

Abstract Deadline

August 2023

Author Notification

October 11, 2023

Full Submission Deadline

December 2023

Presenter Notification

March 14-16, 2024

ACSA112 Annual

Call for Reviewers

ACSA is seeking qualified architecture faculty and practitioners to serve as peer reviewers. This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of ACSA and contribute to architectural research. Peer reviewers are essential to the integrity of ACSA’s review process and we greatly appreciate your interest.

Desired Qualifications
  • Record of peer-review conference presentation or publication;
  • Current teaching position in architecture or affiliated field; OR
  • Experience with architectural research outside of academia

ACSA’s Annual Meeting Committee will review all submissions for qualifications.

  • Phase I: Review ten to twelve 500-word abstracts (this may vary based on submission numbers) and provide ratings and comments;
  • Phase II: six-eight 4000-word papers/1000-word projects and provide ratings and comments.
  • Work with ACSA staff to maintain the blind review process;
  • Opportunity to participate, as a Reviewer, in the second stage of the peer review process by reading and rating full papers.
Sample Review Forms
Abstract Submissions
  1. Does the abstract indicate a new and original contribution to the field?
  2. Does the abstract present a clearly articulated argument or question with supporting methods and compelling content?
  3. Given your review of the abstract, is the author(s) well-positioned to further develop the paper and/or project successfully?
  4. Comments for the Authors: Please provide constructive comments for the author(s).
Full Submissions
  1. Does the paper/project make a new and original contribution to the field?
  2. Does the paper/project present a clearly articulated thesis with supporting methods and compelling content?
  3. Given your review, has the author(s) developed the paper/project successfully?
  4. Overall, would you accept this paper/project for presentation at the ACSA Annual Meeting?
  5. Comments for the Author: Please provide constructive comments for the author(s) this full submission.

Michelle Sturges
Conferences Manager

Eric W. Ellis
Sr. Director of Operations and Programs