2018-2019 Timber in the City

The program is intended to engage students, working individually or in teams, to imagine the transformation of our existing cities through sustainable buildings from renewable resources, offering expedient affordable construction, innovating with new and traditional wooden materials, and designing healthy living and working environments.

MAY 2018

Competition Announced

MAY 22, 2019

Submission Deadline

JULY 2019

Winners Announced


Entrants are encouraged to research references that are related to both the topic of the competition and precedent projects that demonstrate innovative use of timber such as those listed below. An intention of all ACSA competitions is to make students aware that research is a fundamental element of any design solution.

Wood Technology

  1. Think Wood Research Library research.thinkwood.com
  2. WoodProducts Council www.woodworks.org
  3. US Forest Products Laboratory – Product & Building Systems Research www.fpl.fs.fed.us
  4. FPInnovations – Product & Building Systems Research fpinnovations.ca/Pages/index.aspx
  5. American Wood Council – Codes & Standards Support awc.org
  6. naturally:wood www.naturallywood.com
  7. CLT Handbook www.rethinkwood.com/masstimber/products/cross-laminated-timber-clt/handbook/modules
  8. Timberin the City – Andrew Bernheimer www.oroeditions.com/product/timber-in-the-city
  9. Mass Timber: Design & Research – Susan Jones www.oroeditions.com/product/mass-timber-research-and-design
  10. The Case For Tall WoodBuildings: Second Edition– Michael Green thecasefortallwood.com

New York City Housing

  1. New York City Housing Authority www1.nyc.gov/site/nycha/index.page
  2. Citizens Housing & Planning Council – NYC www.chpcny.org
  3. NYC Department of City Planning www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/home.html
  4. New York City Department of Housing, Preservation, & Development www1.nyc.gov/site/hpd/index.page
  5. HPD Design Guidelines for New Construction www1.nyc.gov/assets/hpd/downloads/pdf/HPD-Design-Guidelines.pdf

Early Childhood Education

  1. National Association for the Education of Young Children www.naeyc.org
  2. New York City Department of Eduction schools.nyc.gov/Academics/EarlyChildhood/default.htm
  3. New York City School Construction Authority – Universal Pre-K www.nycsca.org/Design/Universal-Pre-K-Program

Healthy Building Materials

  1. Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design healthymaterialslab.org
  2. Six Classes Approach to Reducing Chemical Harm www.sixclasses.org
  3. Healthy Building Network healthybuilding.net

Biophilic Design

  1. International Living Future Institute living-future.org/biophilic-design
  2. Biophilic Design: The Architecture of Life www.biophilicdesign.net
  3. 14 patterns of Biophilic Design www.terrapinbrightgreen.com/reports/14-patterns

Active Design Guidelines

  1. Center for Active Design centerforactivedesign.org
  2. NYC Department of Design & Construction Active Design www1.nyc.gov/site/ddc/about/active-design.page

New York City General Info

  1. NYC Open Accessible Space Information System (OASIS) www.oasisnyc.net
  2. New York City Zoning www1.nyc.gov/site/planning/zoning/about-zoning.page