February 1, 2023

ACSA Is All Of Us, Especially You

By, Sharon Haar, FAIA

ACSA Is All of Us, Especially You

As faculty members of the ACSA, we are fortunate to have nine talented, professional staff who ensure that our organization’s operations run smoothly: our budgetary health and member services; exciting conferences, awards, and competitions; research services; communications and journals; healthy relationships with AIA, AIAS, NOMA, NCARB, and NAAB; and initiation of new relationships and programming…to name just a few of their many responsibilities.

But the ACSA is us, all of us. We create and act upon its mission and vision through strategic planning, participation in program committees, peer review of our high quality journal and conference content, participation in NAAB accreditation visits and ACSA award juries, and board and editorial board service. All of this work is done by volunteers.

Many of you already volunteer considerable time by responding to calls to participate in peer review for conferences and journals. Thank you so much for this; it is a critical task. If you are wondering “how can I get more involved,” here are a few opportunities:

  • Nominate yourself to serve on one of the three ACSA program committees (Research, Leadership, and Education)
  • Nominate yourself to run for one of ACSA’s Board positions (at-large-director, secretary/treasurer, or second vice president)
  • Nominate yourself to serve on NAAB Visiting Teams as an ACSA Representative or to represent ACSA on the NAAB Board of Directors
  • Respond to calls to serve on TAD or JAE editorial boards
  • Respond positively when asked to serve on an award jury 
  • Participate in ACSAs Annual Caucus and Business meetings (now fully online)
  • Serve as your school’s faculty councilor
  • And, as always, attend conferences and webinars

For many of our volunteering opportunities you do not have to be nominated or put forward by someone else. If you are interested, respond to the calls when they are posted and feel free to nominate yourself.

These are ways not only to serve your school and the ACSA, they are also ways to expand your academic networks nationally and internationally. Most importantly, they ensure that ACSA remains a robust and relevant organization representing the full breadth and diversity of its member schools and stakeholders.