November 30, 2021 - 7:00 - 8:30 pm ET

Focusing Your Program’s Assessment

This webinar presents case studies for tying student and program assessment to broader goals. Speakers from three architecture programs will describe efforts to use assessment in revising their curricula, connecting to their college’s overarching goals, leveraging data and resources to set intentional student outcome goals, and engaging in collaborative equity-minded inquiry for continuous improvement and purposeful action.

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Program Assessment in Architecture and Design Education: Methods and Strategies for Continual Improvement on Your Own Terms by Herb Childress

This new book describes both the practices and the opportunities of assessment in design education. Assessment can be an important lever for the pursuit of equity and inclusion, and for communication with stakeholders. Assessment can improve curricular alignment, and help your program to pursue your own unique mission. This plainspoken handbook is designed to help architecture programs at any level of development to create, improve, and make use of relevant and powerful systems of assessment.

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2022 COTE Top Ten for Students Competition

The COTE competition recognizes ten exceptional student design studio projects that integrate health, sustainability, and equity, evaluated following the same categories of the AIA COTE® Top Ten Award for built work, and the AIA Framework for Design Excellence

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2022 Timber in the City Competition

The Timber Competition is intended to engage students, working individually or in teams, to imagine the transformation of our existing cities through sustainable buildings from renewable resources, offering expedient affordable construction, innovating with new and traditional wooden materials, and designing healthy living and working environments. This is the fourth competition in this TIMBER IN THE CITY series, and focuses this year on the interrelationship between housing, urban transit infrastructure, equitable living, and climate change.

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Call for Papers

Technology | Architecture + Design 6:2 Engineering

TAD invites original and creative research manuscripts for consideration in the Engineering issue. Engineering seeks to attract, curate, and forge a combined body of knowledge shaping the built environment from a more action-integrated perspective.

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Call for Papers

JAE 76:2 Pedagogies for a Broken World

Pedagogies for a Broken World aims to demonstrate that these questions and practices are not only relevant socially, but also spatially, and to promote novel forms of scholarship and collaboration. This issue of JAE aims to capture these initiatives as well as imagine new ones, inviting a wholesale reimagination of architectural education and its priorities.

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources

ACSA has compiled an initial list of links to related content, understanding that it is not exhaustive, that many others are working beyond our sphere, and that more work can be done. This list includes ACSA Research, videos of our recent online events, organizations, publications, and an extended list of resources to help you and your school.

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Climate Positive Concrete Housing

Categories: I. Towards a New Monumentality & II. Open

Dates + Deadlines

WEBINAR | Focusing Your Program’s Assessment

Register: Tue, Nov 30, 2021

JAE Fellows Call for Nominations

Submit: Mon, Dec 20, 2021

2022 AIA COTE Top Ten for Students Competition

Submit: Wed, Jan 12, 2022
Register: Wed, Jan 12, 2022

Call for Papers - TAD 6:2 Engineering

Submit: Sat, Jan 15, 2022

Call for Papers | JAE 76:2 Pedagogies for a Broken World

Submit: Tue, Feb 1, 2022

Workshop | Assessment Through the Framework of the Naab 2020 Conditions

Register: Thu, Feb 17, 2022

2022 Habitat: Design Competition

Submit: Wed, Jun 1, 2022
Register: Wed, Apr 13, 2022

2022 Steel Competition

Submit: Wed, Jun 1, 2022
Register: Wed, Apr 13, 2022

Timber in the City 4: Urban Habitats Competition

Submit: Wed, Jun 1, 2022
Register: Wed, Apr 13, 2022

In response to recent events highlighting racial inequity across the United States, many institutions have added new courses that investigate the intersection of race, equity, social justice and the built environment. View the list.

The last piece in the series, Where Are My People? Middle Eastern and North African, covers a group of people who continue to face mass discrimination and combat popular misconceptions about heritage and religion.

This report investigates current and historical metrics of institutional effectiveness and details more than 530 architecture degree programs.

Where Are My People? Native & Indigenous in Architecture chronicles both societal and discipline-specific metrics in an effort to highlight the experiences of designers, architects and educators of Native & Indigenous heritage.

The Journal of Architectural Education (JAE) is a biannual peer-reviewed academic journal, and the primary venue for research and commentary on architectural education.

Technology | Architecture + Design (TAD) is a biannual peer-­reviewed international journal dedicated to the advancement of scholarship in the field of building technology and its translation, integration, and impact on architecture and design.

Explore the ACSA index of proceedings to stay up-to-date on conferences.