April 4, 2024

Call for NAAB Visiting Team Roster

Call for Candidates

NAAB Visiting Team Roster

Deadline: July 10, 2024
The ACSA Board of Directors seeks candidates for 2024 ACSA representatives on the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) Visiting Team Roster for accreditation visits that will take place between January 1, 2025, and December 31, 2028. The ACSA Board of Directors will approve a roster of members eligible to serve as educator representatives on NAAB Visiting Teams for the specified period at its August board meeting.
NAAB has shared the following about service on visiting teams.
  • Team Training – Nominees will be required to complete NAAB’s team training program prior to participating on a visiting team.
  • Availability – Team members must be available for all the pre-site visit meetings in addition to being fully present for all the days of the visit, which will be in-person starting in 2025. Spring visits generally occur between late January and early April of each year; fall visits are typically scheduled between late September and early November.
  • Team Selection – In comprising a site visit team, NAAB will consider individual areas of expertise, availability for the established visit dates, and will balance each team in terms of geography, gender, race/ethnicity, and accreditation experience.

ACSA Candidate Qualifications and Selection Criteria
The candidate must be a full-time faculty member at an ACSA full or candidate member school at the time of nomination.

The candidate should demonstrate a number of the following preferred qualifications:

  • At least three years of full-time teaching experience;
  • Experience with educational assessment, including but not limited to self- assessment by programs;
  • A record of acknowledged scholarship or professional work;
  • Administrative experience or experience with the NAAB accreditation process;
  • Participation in efforts, either within or beyond ACSA, to make architectural education more equitable and inclusive for faculty and students from all backgrounds.

Because NAAB’s 2020 Conditions and Procedures for Accreditation mark a significant break from past models, ACSA sees this as an opportunity to involve new faculty in the accreditation process. ACSA seeks to assemble a Visiting Team Roster that includes faculty from a range of schools so that the backgrounds of educators on NAAB visiting teams can be appropriately matched to the school visited. This includes characteristics such as teaching at public/private institutions, research-intensive institutions, special-focus institutions, and minority-serving institutions.

To Apply
You may apply on your own or have someone nominate you. In either case, you must download the volunteer cover sheet and submit it along with the following items in a single PDF:

  • Cover letter that outlines your experience related to the bulleted selection criteria above and (2 pages maximum). The audience for this letter is the ACSA Board of Directors.
  • Current curriculum vitae highlighting relevant research, teaching, and service (2
    pages maximum).

The deadline for candidates is July 10, 2024. Send the application to Abel Chanyalew, ACSA Membership Coordinator, achanyalew@acsa-arch.org, with the subject line NAAB Visiting Teams. Candidates will be reviewed by the ACSA Board of Directors at its August meeting. Candidates can expect to hear about the nomination around September 1, 2024.

We encourage nominations from Black, Indigenous/Native, and people of color, as well as from individuals teaching at minority-serving institutions. ACSA seeks to include members from a range of backgrounds, including race/ethnicity, gender, school type, and teaching and research experience.


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