Membership List Rentals

Reach highly targeted audiences in architectural education to promote products, events , and programs.


Partner Emails

ACSA will send a stand-alone email to member lists using your content. Emails are sent Monday thru Thursdays, and ACSA permits only one email per week.

Member RateNonmember Rate
All members$0.62/address$0.78/address
Administrators$312 flat fee$365 flat fee
  • There are roughly 5,500 faculty and 500 administrators
  • Final price will be agreed upon before sending email
  • Additional lists are available (by specialty, location, etc.) and charged the per address fee with a $300 minimum order.

ACSA Update Email

Companies can also reach ACSA members through email by purchasing ad space in the weekly ACSA Updates. This email newsletter goes to ACSA’s full list (5,000+ emails) every Friday

Member RateNonmember Rate
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for 1 month (4 emails)
for 1 month (4 emails)

Mailing List Rentals

ACSA rents mailing addresses to companies and individuals to promote their products, events, and programs.

Member RateNonmember Rate
All members$0.36/address$0.52/address

Email your completed form to:
Danielle Dent, Director of Membership, Marketing, and Publications
or fax to: 202/628-0448