Accredited Members

Accredited Members of the ACSA are institutions in the United States or Canada that offer at least one architecture degree program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) in the US or the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB).

Accredited Programs

Architecture faculty at ACSA full member schools are de facto members of ACSA. Full-time faculty receive weekly ACSA Update emails, the Journal of Architectural Education, and Technology I Architecture + Design (TAD) distributed by the ACSA Faculty Councilor.  Additionally, full member schools receive detailed listings in ACSA’s Study Architecture website, their faculty are eligible to submit for ACSA’s international awards, conferences, and competitions and are eligible serve on committees and task forces. Full member schools participate in ACSA elections and vote on official business, and faculty at full member schools may serve on the board of directors.

2023-24 US Schools Annual Dues: $9,593 – $12,934 depending on faculty size and includes NAAB accreditation fees. 2023-24 Canadian Schools Annual Dues: $5,781

Member Benefits

For Your School
  • Subscription to the Journal of Architectural Education (JAE), and Technology I Architecture + Design (TAD). Each member school receives a bundle of journals equal to their full time equivalent faculty (FTE). The journals are mailed to the member school’s designated Faculty Councilor.
  • Full Listing on the Study Architecture Website: Each member school receives a detailed listing on the study architecture website highlighting their programs. Prospective undergraduate and graduate architecture students browse this website to shop for their architecture programs.
  •  Discounted rates for job advertisements. ACSA member schools can upload their job ads on ACSA Careers to have your position viewed by the most qualified candidates.
  • Participating in ACSA research initiatives. ACSA publishes data about architectural education. Accredited members are able to participate in research and to access research reports that are relevant to your needs.
  • Eligibility to submit to ACSA News. ACSA faculty are encouraged to submit announcements for inclusion on our ACSA News page.
  • Eligibility to serve on committees and task forces. All faculty at member schools can serve on ACSA committees and task forces.
  • Inclusion and access to the ACSA School Directory and Faculty Directories. Schools around the world will be able to find your program and your faculty.
  • Vote in ACSA Board Elections and other Official ACSA Business. Member schools have a voice in who joins the ACSA board and other ACSA governance issues. Additionally ACSA member schools faculty are eligible to serve on the ACSA board of directors.
For Your Faculty
  • Full-text electronic access to JAE and TAD for all member school faculty. This access comes by logging in to the ACSA website. More on this access is below.
  • Access to an online database of past ACSA conference proceedings dating back to 1995. Search and download digital versions of papers presented at our past conferences.
  • Discounts on registrations to ACSA conferences. Non-members pay a significantly higher rate to attend conferences. All faculty are eligible to use this benefit. Logging into the ACSA website when registering will unlock these discounts.
  • Eligibility to participate in ACSA-sponsored student design competitions. All ACSA sponsored competitions require membership and participation is free.
  • Eligibility to submit conference papers for review, presentation, and publication. All faculty at member schools can submit to open paper or project calls.
  • Eligibility to submit to ACSA Architectural Education Awards. Only faculty at NAAB/CACB Accredited member schools can be recognized ACSA awards.
  • ACSA Update Email. All faculty at member schools receive the ACSA Friday Update emails.
For Your Students
  • Access to National and International Design Competitions. See Competitions page for more information.
  • Eligible to submit papers for review, presentation, and publication at ACSA conferences. Students at member schools can submit to paper or project calls.
  • Opportunity to be published on IMADETHAT’s instagram page which reaches over 100,000 people per week across the globe. Please encourage your students to post on Instagram and tag#imadethat with their work to be published.
  • Access to to search for Graduate and Post-graduate programs.

Danielle V. Dent
Director of Membership, Marketing and Publications