June 1 - 2, 2023 | Philadelphia, PA


2023 Convening to Advance Community College
Transfer and Articulation in Architectural Education


June 1, 2023


June 2, 2023


Convening Overview

The 2023 ACSA Convening to Advance Community College Transfer in Architectural Education  is a two-day event dedicated to advancing the ACSA Education Committee’s Charge of strengthening articulation between community colleges and professional and pre-professional architecture programs. On June 1-2, 2023, ACSA, CCCAP and other stakeholders will come together for two days of discussions focused on actionable goals to improve community college transfer policies for students seeking an architecture degree.

The 2023 ACSA CC Convening is designed to address five (5) needs.

  1. Community colleges want to provide professional degree paths for their graduates;
  2. ACSA professional and pre-professional programs want to serve a more diverse student body to advance the profession; 
  3. All schools–community colleges, pre-professional architecture degree programs, and professional (B.Arch. and M.Arch) degree programs benefit from transparent, efficient, and conflict-free transfer of students; and
  4. Students benefit financially and academically when redundancies are eliminated, and time to completion of degree is not unnecessarily extended.
  5. ACSA will benefit by encouraging more active engagement with and participation of Community Colleges in ACSA activities.

ACSA and  CCCAP, together with other stakeholder organizations, can work to advance these shared interests.

This event is invite only.

ACSA Education Committee

Committee Charge

The Education Committee leads ACSA’s efforts to improve the effectiveness of architectural education through best practices. The committee oversees and recommends, as necessary, actions to cultivate and disseminate these best practices. Areas of focus for the committee include: teaching; access to higher education (including demographic diversity); student success; educational assessment; relationship of architectural education to higher education; education-to-practice transition; curriculum development; & preprofessional or nonaccredited architectural education

Specific Charge for 2022-2023:
The Education Committee is charged with continuing its work to strengthen articulation between community colleges and professional and pre-professional architecture programs. Building upon the work of the 2021-2022 “Survey on Expanding Access to Architectural Education” and the identification of “transfer-friendly” practices, the committee will: (1) continue research and develop best practices for and identify barriers to achieving smooth transition to 4- and 5-year programs including, but not limited to appropriate general education and disciplinary coursework, portfolio requirements, and testing; (2) develop FAQs/guidance/maps for articulating pathways into 4- and 5- year programs from community colleges; and (3) formulate a plan for a convening of institutions and organizations (eg ACSA, CCCAP, NAAB) seeking to advance community college transfer to take place no later than fall 2023.

2022-2023 Education Committee Members
  • Mark Pearson, College of DuPage
  • Shawhin Roudbari, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Cathi Ho Schar, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Shelby Doyle, Iowa State University
  • Nicole Bass, American Institute of Architecture Students
  • Beth Lundell Garver, Boston Architectural College
  • Andrew Chin, Florida A&M University
  • Dwayne Bohuslav, San Antonio College
  • Danielle Dent, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Convening Partners

Danielle V. Dent
Director of Membership, Marketing and Publications