March 20-22, 2025 | NEW ORLEANS, LA

113th Annual Meeting



June 12, 2024

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August 2024

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October 9, 2024

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December 2024

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March 20-22, 2025

ACSA113 Annual

Conference Overview

The ACSA Annual Meeting convenes educators, practitioners, and students from around the world to share research and explore the past and future of architecture, design, and allied disciplines. The 113th Annual Meeting will provide multiple opportunities for scholarly exchange in New Orleans March 20-22, 2025. 



Architectural education is in an age of repair. How we meaningfully address the past and present harms of the practice, culture, and pedagogy of architecture will be crucial to setting urgently needed new directions. In the 2022 issue of the Journal of Architectural Education, entitled “Pedagogies for a Broken World,” editors Jay Cephas, Igor Marjanović & Ana Miljački wrote, “Indeed, seeing the world for what it is enables recasting our characterization of it from ‘broken’ to ‘unfinished,’ from narratives of progress to tactics of care.” As opposed to the consumptive practice of throwing away and building anew, repair is grounded in an ethical appreciation for the value inherent in what exists. Repair, as an approach, requires an understanding of the root causes of breakage and careful consideration of anticipated conditions and future use, to enable us to move forward.

Repair also often goes unrecognized. For this Annual Meeting, we hope to put these discussions front and center. Situated in the city of New Orleans, 20 years after Hurricane Katrina, this conference asks us to reflect on repair in practice, repair in teaching, and the ethics of repair in engagement, especially in schools of architecture. How does our discipline shift to address a “broken world” shaped by social inequities, polarization, misinformation, ecological degradation, climate change, and conditions of acute devastation due to wars and natural disasters? We invite architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, policy-makers, social workers, health practitioners, community leaders, advocates, and educators across our allied disciplines to join in a critical examination of our collective capacity for repair through care, healing, rebuilding, rewilding, and other yet unexplored actions in the built environment.

Conference Organization

The ACSA Annual Meeting supports the needs of architecture faculty and enhances architectural education and research. ACSA aims to create an inclusive, transparent, and impactful program that elevates, addresses, and disseminates knowledge on pressing concerns in society through the agency of architecture and allied disciplines.

The ACSA113 Annual Meeting Committee, has combined representation of ACSA members, the ACSA board and ACSA staff. The ACSA113 conference leadership is intended to increase transparency and inclusivity while keeping in mind effectiveness and maintaining rigor. The committee’s primary deliverable is the peer-reviewed content, along with themed sessions.

Steering Committee

Responsible for the non-peer reviewed content of the conference, including a theme that guides identification of plenary talks and invited panel sessions. The committee will also curate workshops, local engagement and other conference activities.

  • Cathi Ho Schar, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Sara Jensen Carr, Northeastern University
  • Rubén García Rubio, Tulane University
Reviews Committee

Responsible for overseeing the peer-review process, which includes matching reviewer’s expertise with that of the submission, as well as designating sessions and moderators. Sessions will be composed of both papers and projects, when possible, allowing for scholarly and applied research to mutually demonstrate impact and inform one another.

  • Cathi Ho Schar, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • José L.S. Gámez, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Suzanne Lettieri, Cornell University
  • Hala Barakat, University of Idaho
  • Erin Moore , University of Oregon
  • Ming Hu, University of Notre Dame
  • Katie Macdonald, University of Virginia
  • Altaf Engineer, University of Arizona
Annual Meeting Topics

The Annual Meeting Committee will maintain topics year to year in order to address the diversity of our members scholarly, creative and pedagogic interests. This consistent and we hope inclusive list of topics will also ensure an annual venue for all members to submit to an ACSA conference.

Building Science & Technology


Digital Technology



History, Theory, Criticism



Society + Community


Conference Partners

Michelle Sturges
Conferences Manager

Eric W. Ellis
Sr. Director of Operations and Programs