2020 Steel Competition

Urban Food Hub & Open


June 10, 2020


June 10, 2020

Submission Deadline

Summer 2020

Winners Announced

Fall 2020

Publication of Summary Book


An intention of all ACSA competitions is to make students aware that research is a fundamental element of any design solution. Students are encouraged to research material properties and methods of steel construction, as well as precedent projects that demonstrate innovative use of structural steel.

Steel Video Resources
  1. What is AESS – VIDEO
  2. Steel Coatings & Protection – VIDEO
  3. Steel Connections – VIDEO
  4. Custom Steel – VIDEO
  5. Tension: Force Differentiated Structural Steel Design – VIDEO
  6. Span: Exploiting the Tensile Strength of Steel – VIDEO
Steel Construction References
  1. AISC website: AISC provides information on structural steel including publications and technical resources at A subsite of AISC provides special resources for architects on topics such as sustainability, accelerated construction, resilience, design flexibility, case studies, and more. Visit to view these resources.
  2. Modern Steel Construction: This authoritative monthly magazine is made available online free of charge. This magazine covers the use of fabricated structural steel in the variety of structural types. It presents information on the newest and most advanced applications of structural steel in a wide range of structures. Issues of Modern Steel Construction (1996 – Present) are available online. Visit to view them.
  3. Terri Meyer Boake. Understanding Steel Design: An Architectural Design Manual. (Birkhäuser 2013)
  4. John Fernandez. Material Architecture. (Spon Press, 2006)
  5. Victoria Bell and Patrick Rand. Materials for Design 2. (Princeton Architectural Press, 2014)
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  7. Annette LeCuyer. Steel and Beyond. (Birkhäuser Basel 2003)
  8. Lyall, Sutherland. Remarkable Structure: Engineering today’s Innovative Buildings. (Princeton Architectural Press, 2002)
Urban Food References
  1. USDA Blog » Getting to Scale with Regional Food Hubs”. Retrieved 2016-10-15.
  2. “Food Value Chains and Food Hubs: Supporting Local Producers Through Collaborative Planning, Aggregation, and Distribution | Agricultural Marketing Service”. Retrieved 2016-10-15.
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  5. “Findings of the 2013 National Food Hub Survey” (PDF).

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Competition Sponsor

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), headquartered in Chicago, is a non-partisan, not-for-profit technical institute and trade association established in 1921 to serve the structural steel design community and construction industry in the United States. AISC’s mission is to make structural steel the material of choice by being the leader in structural-steel-related technical and market-building activities, including: specification and code development, research, education, technical assistance, quality certification, standardization, market development, and advocacy. AISC has a long tradition of service to the steel construction industry providing timely and reliable information.

Competition Organizer
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

Leading Architectural Education and Research
The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture is a nonprofit, membership association founded in 1912 to advance the quality of architectural education. The school membership in ACSA has grown from 10 charter members to over 250 schools in several membership categories. These include full membership for all accredited programs in the United States and government-sanctioned schools in Canada, candidate membership for schools seeking accreditation, and affiliate membership for schools for two- year and international programs. Through these schools, over 5,000 architecture faculty members are represented. In addition, over 500 supporting members composed of architecture firms, product associations and individuals add to the breadth of interest and support of ACSA goals. ACSA provides a major forum for ideas on the leading edge of architectural thought. Issues that will affect the architectural profession in the future are being examined today in ACSA member schools.

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