2018-2019 Housing Competition

This program is intended to provide architecture students, working individually or in teams, with a platform to explore residential architecture and residential architectural practice.


Competition Launch

MAY 22, 2019

Submittal Deadline


Winners Announced


Research is a critical component of any design solution in both the academic and professional context. Students are encouraged to research Residential Design and Construction in both historical and contemporary contexts in order to develop an understanding and appreciation of this specialized area of architectural practice.

  1. CRAN website: http://network.aia.org/cran/Home/
  2. http://www.census.gov/construction/nrc/pdf/newresconst.pdf 
  3. International Climate Zones: http://www.built-environments.com/International_Climate_Zones.pdf

Students and Professors are encouraged to review as many books as they see fit to inform their design. The following recommendations are a great place to start. Architectural Graphic Standards for Residential Construction:

  1. Houses for all Regions: CRAN Residential Collection (American Institute of Architects)
  2. Builder’s Guide (Building Science Corporation)
  3. At Home (Bill Bryson)
  4. Home: A Short History of an Idea (Witold Rybczynski)
  5. Redesigning the American Dream (Delores Hayden)
  6. Green Home Building: Money-Saving Strategies for an Affordable, Healthy, High-Performance Home (Miki Cook)
  7. Green from the Ground Up: A Builder’s Guide to Sustainable, Healthy, and Energy-Efficient House Construction (David Johnston)
Professional Sponsors

Students are encouraged to explore opportunities to engage local CRAN members and design professionals as a resource to help inform their design proposals. The leadership of CRAN has developed a list of regional contacts to facilitate connecting students and design professionals (available upon registration). These individuals are available as a resource to support the work of the students and the development of design proposals.