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October 2014

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Fourteen years ago, The ACSA Sourcebook of Community Design Programs at Schools of Architecture in North America included just over seventy organizations that used their architecture-related expertise to advance the public good. Since then, the landscape has changed: our new Community Design Directory includes over two hundred organizations, covering ever-expanding geographic, disciplinary, and strategic territories. We hope this directory will be a useful public resource for practitioners of community design, for researchers, and for those seeking to learn more.

This project has been developed by the ACSA with the support and encouragement of the AIA Housing Knowledge Community, a group “that tracks housing issues and develops relationships with industry stakeholders to encourage and promote safe, attractive, accessible, and affordable housing for all Americans.” 

The directory is currently available in three formats: a printable PDF document; a searchable listing, on this page; and a downloadable spreadsheet for further research and analysis, available upon request. You can also browse charts and maps summarizing the directory contents.

If your organization is not yet included or if you wish to share updated or additional information about your organization, please use this form. Updates to the online directory and spreadsheet will be made three times a year, with the next update reflecting information received by the end of August 2015.

Thank you for being part of this project, by sharing your information, by exploring the directory’s listings, and by helping us spread the word! 

In addition to searching and filtering, you can click on an organization to view its website in a new window, or hover over its colored square to see more information. If you do not see any listings, try widening your search criteria, or refresh this page to start again.

Please also check out our charts and maps summarizing the directory contents. Comments, questions, suggestions? Contact Kendall Nicholson, ACSA's Director of Research + Information.

Architecture Within Academic Institutional Structures

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Community Design Directory

Information on over two hundred academic, nonprofit, and private sector organizations using their architecture-related expertise to advance the public good.

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The State of Community Design

Charts and maps exploring and summarizing the data contained in ACSA's community Design Directory.

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NCES Data on U.S. Programs in Architecture and Related Fields

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Roundup of Data on Architecture Education

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