Privacy Policy

ACSA takes privacy issues seriously and wants our members and website users to be aware of the types of information we collect and what we do with it. These privacy practices pertain to our website and our database.

ACSA Guide to Architecture Schools, Online Edition Users
ACSA makes access to the online edition of the Guide to Architecture Schools free to users who create an account in our database. ACSA collects the individual's name and email address, with other contact information optional. 

When creating an account, users may additionally opt to receive communications from ACSA and our member schools by email or mail. The scope of these communications may pertain to ACSA membership, programs, and services, as well as the educational programs of our university members. 

ACSA Faculty and Supporting Member Data
ACSA collects demographic and professional information about our members—that is, individual faculty at ACSA full and affiliate member schools and Supporting category member of the ACSA. 

Because the large majority of ACSA members have an appointment at an ACSA member architecture education program, we have long collected membership information about faculty, staff, and administrators from the programs themselves. The source for this information may be the school's faculty, staff, or administrators, or public sources of information, such as the university website. ACSA collects other information directly from our individual members. Below are three categories of information that we collect and who is able to change or access this information.

Faculty Appointments
Due to our membership structure, ACSA relies on program administrators to identify faculty and staff members. The program’s head administrator receives online access to the program’s roster of faculty in our database. The head administrators is able to add or delete faculty members from the roster, and can add and change data about these faculty and staff members. If you are not the program’s head administrator and believe your academic appointment information is erroneous, please contact the membership department at ACSA,

Demographic Data
Gender is the only demographic information that an architecture education program can tell us about faculty, staff, and administrators. ACSA would like to collect information on gender and ethnicity. Demographic information is optional and will remain confidential within ACSA. Data may be released in aggregate for noncommercial research purposes and with proper assurances of confidentiality. Access to individual data is restricted to ACSA staff and governance groups for internal purposes. 

Professional Information
ACSA continues to collect information on the professional background of faculty and administrators for the purposes of maintaining a faculty directory. This information includes courses taught, research and practice specializations, terminal degree, and faculty appointment information such as rank, time commitment, and various roles within an architecture education program. Both head administrators of ACSA member programs and the individual faculty themselves have the ability to change and add this information.

Contact Information
ACSA members may maintain multiple addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers with the organization; one of these should be identified as the primary contact information for correspondence with the organization. The online faculty directory will display basic contact information (mailing address, phone, email) for faculty members based on their work address. 
ACSA occasionally makes the mailing addresses of its members available to third parties. 

Members may opt out of being included on these lists at any time by logging in to "my profile" and checking the appropriate box on the Contact Info tab. 

ACSA does not release email lists of its members, although, as noted above, individual email addresses may be accessed through the members-only faculty directory. 

December 2007