Other Opportunities


  • Mass-customization and Design Democratization International Symposium

    Dates: Friday & Saturday May 12-13, 2017
    Location: Philadelphia, PA

    Thanks to parametric design and digital fabrication it is now possible to mass-produce non-standard, highly differentiated products, from shoes and tableware to furniture and now even houses. Variety no longer compromises the efficiency and economy of production. Furthermore, parametric definitions of products’ geometry are made accessible via interactive websites to anyone, who could then design their own, unique versions of the product. Such “democratization” of design – through mass-customization – raises many interesting questions such as the authorship of design and the functional and esthetic quality of products (shoes, tableware, furniture, houses…) designed by non-designers. This symposium explores social, cultural and design implications of this emerging “design democracy”, including its technological origins.

    Philippe Starck / Starck, Paris, France
    Chris Sharples / SHoP, New York, USA
    Fabio Gramazio / ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
    Joseph Tanney / Resolution: 4 Architecture, New York, USA
    Frank Piller / RTWH Aachen, Germany
    John Brown / Housebrand, Calgary, Canada
    Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY, New York, USA
    Elena Manferdini / Atelier Manferdini, Venice, USA
    Karl Daubmann / University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
    Joseph Pine / Strategic Horizons, Aurora, OH, USA
    Thomas Fisher / University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
    Greg Lynn / GLForm, Los Angeles, USA
    Kent Larson / MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, USA
    Tim Simpson / Penn State, State College, USA
    Tom Verebes / OCEAN CN, Hong Kong, China
    Assa Ashuach / Assa Ashuach Studio, London, UK
    Virginia San Fratello / Emerging Objects, San Francisco, USA

    Jose Duarte / Penn State University, State College, PA, USA
    Branko Kolarevic / University of Calgary, Canada
  • SAH 2017 Annual International Conference

    Dates: June 7-11, 2017
    Location: Glasgow, Scotland, UK

    The Society of Architectural Historians will host its 70th Annual International Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, from June 7–11, 2017. This is the first time that SAH has met outside North America in over 40 years. Meeting in Scotland's largest city, world renowned for its outstanding architectural heritage, reflects the increasingly international scope of the Society and its conference. Architectural historians, art historians, architects, museum professionals and preservationists from around the world will convene to share new research on the history of the built environment. The Glasgow conference will include 36 paper sessions, eight roundtables, an introductory address and plenary talk, architecture tours, the SAH Glasgow Seminar, and more.


  • The Destruction of Memory - Film

    This new documentary film looks at the urgent issue of cultural destruction, and features interviews with the Director-General of UNESCO, the Prosecutor of the ICC, as well as international experts including architects such as Daniel Libeskind. Its explorations of the powerful connection of the built environment to the people who live in it, and the destruction and rebuilding of buildings and monuments, has seen it resonate strongly with architects and Schools of Architecture. 

    The film has screened or will screen in 2017 at institutions such as the British Museum, Harvard Art Museums, the Ashmolean, Brown, Stanford, Brandeis, and in Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia. Reviews have called it 'a blisteringly uncompromising documentary' and 'powerful...humane, poignant...a tough but compelling film'.

    To read and see more, visit the film's website http://destructionofmemoryfilm.com
    To explore a screening of the film, or for further information, please contact the film's producer Tim Slade at tim@vastproductions.com.au or on +1 310 200 9591


Call for Papers

Architecture Programs

  • Steven Holl Summer Architecture Fellowship

    Rural Compression
    Dates: July 8th - August 2nd, 2017
    Deadline for Application: June 1st, 2017

    Steven Myron Holl Foundation and its nonprofit initiative, 'T' Space, are proud to an­nounce their new Architecture Fellowship. Selected applicants participate in a 25 day intensive studio program while residing at the Fellow's Cabin, scenically located on T2 Reserve, a 30-acre property in Rhinebeck, New York.

    The fellowship is geared to challenge the participants' ability to think and design criti­cally, while working site-specific to Dutchess County and the Rhinebeck ecology. Using both analog and digital media tools, the studio is complemented by design critiques, pin ups and conversations with instructors, including Steven Holl and invited professionals, as well as field trips in Dutchess county to destinations of acclaimed architectural and artistic interest. A total of 5 undergraduate, graduate, and young professionals will be selected by the review panel to participate based on their portfolio and letter of interest.

  • 2017 Cities in Asia Summer Program

    Industrial Urbanism
    June 22 - July 12, 2017 

    Ho Chi Minh City | June 22 - July 1
    Singapore | July 3 - 12
    Deadline for Enrollment: April 30, 2017



To list a conference or competition open for participation by architectural educators and students, please email Amanda Gann at agann@acsa-arch.org