October 27, 2021

Free, Immediate and Online | Explore the World of Open-Access in Architecture

AASL October Column

In honor of Open-Access month, we invite you to explore the many notable titles emerging as openly available on the web.

Open-Access Journals in the Field of Architecture

Architecture and Culture
ISSN: 2050-7836

Architecture and Culture, the international award-winning, peer-reviewed journal of the Architectural Humanities Research Association, investigates the relationship between architecture and the culture that shapes and is shaped by it.

Architectural Histories: the open-access journal of the EAHN
ISSN: 2050-5833

Architectural Histories is an international, blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal that creates a space where historically grounded research into all aspects of architecture and the built environment can be made public, consulted, and discussed.

ISSN: 2050-9006

Architecture_MPS is a fully peer-reviewed open-access journal that aims to address the growing interest in the social and political interpretation of the built environment, from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It draws upon experts who can bring emerging issues of international importance to the English-speaking community.

Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU
ISSN: 2729-7640

The peer-reviewed scientific journal ALFA – Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU – publishes articles about architecture, urbanism, and product design. It focuses on issues concerning the history, philosophy, and psychology of architecture and urbanism, dealing with the relationships between architecture and urbanism, landscape, product design, and art, as well as architecture and society. The journal concept is built around a wide perspective of current topics concerning both architectural culture and production from the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

ISSN: 2537-0162

Archive-SR offers an end-to-end solution for any individual to search a huge set of digital collections and receive the information within seconds for reference and research purposes.

ARENA Journal of Architectural Research
ISSN: 2397-0820

AJAR is an online open-access peer-reviewed journal of design and scholarly research within the architectural field and has been set up by the Architectural Research European Network Association (ARENA) network. Content for the journal is organized in four sections: Design, Technology, Practice, Humanities.

Athens Journal of Architecture
ISSN: 2407-9472

The Athens Journal of Architecture (AJA) is an open-access quarterly double-blind peer-reviewed journal and considers papers from all areas of architecture. Many of the papers published in this journal have been presented at various conferences sponsored by the Architecture Unit of the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER).

Buildings & Cities
ISSN: 2632-6655

B&C is an independent, peer-reviewed transdisciplinary journal. Types of papers included: Research, Synthesis, Methods, Replication, Policy Analysis, Briefing Notes.

Built Heritage
ISSN: 2096-3041

Built Heritage aims to enhance pluralism and criticism in debates on heritage conservation and revitalization from a globalized perspective. The conceptual basis of this refereed journal lies in the fundamental cultural differences concerning built heritage conservation, recognizing these differences as a source for creativity and motivation for cutting-edge experimentation.

Cubic Journal
ISSN: 2589-7101

Cubic Journal, is published in conjunction with the Cubic Society and the Cubic Research Network as an academic platform aimed at the dissemination of design-related research. Operating from within The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design (PolyU Design), the platforms draw together global scholars in order to generate, exchange and discuss contemporary questions within the pursuit of advancing knowledge through and within a number of design disciplines.

Emara : Indonesian Journal of Architecture
ISSN: 2477-5975

EMARA Indonesian Journal of Architecture (EIJA) is an online open-access peer-reviewed journal for design research and scholarly research within the architectural field. EIJA focuses on specific themes and interdisciplinary studies.

Enquiry: The ARCC Journal of Architectural Research
ISSN: 2329-9339

ENQ (Enquiry), an open-access journal for architectural research published by the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC), is a resource for research in architecture and to support the continued development of research culture within the discipline.

ISSN: 1875-1490

Footprint is an academic journal dedicated to publishing architecture and urban research. Architecture and urbanism are the points of departure and the core interests of the journal. From this perspective, the journal encourages the study of architecture and the urban environment as a means of comprehending culture and society, and as a tool for relating them to shifting ideological doctrines and philosophical ideas. All papers are double-blind peer-reviewed. It is indexed in the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals.

Journal of Architecture, Art & Humanistic Science
ISSN: 2356-9654

Journal of Architecture, Arts and Humanistic Science has a policy of open use and it is arbitrated as a scientific Journal. It is issued by “The Arab Association of Civilization and Islamic Arts”.  The Journal is concerned with spreading culture, promoting the abilities of Arabian researchers and designers in their intellectual, design, and creative works to the global scientific level.

Journal of Architectural Sciences and Applications
ISSN: 2548-0170

JASA is an international, scientific, and peer-reviewed e-journal published open access. The journal language is Turkish or English. It is published twice a year and uses a double-blind peer-review process.

Journal of Design and the Built Environment
ISSN: 2232-1500

The Journal of Design and Built Environment (JDBE) is a SCOPUS-indexed and free open access publication by the Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya. Published biannually, JDBE includes four academic papers on issues in the built environment, including architecture and design, building construction and conservation, landscape architecture, environmental science, and urban studies.

Landscape Online
ISSN: 1865-1542

Landscape Online is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-online journal supported by the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) and its community. The focus lies on contributions on landscape research with inter- or transdisciplinary aspiration.

ISSN: 1957-7788

Métropoles is an online scientific journal. It aims to be the crossroads of scientific work from most social science disciplines.

Ra. Revista de Arquitectura
ISSN: 1138-5596

It is a forum for the expression of the results of the study and the academic debate in relation to the various dimensions of interest in architecture and the city.

SKETCH | Journal of City and Regional Planning
ISSN: 2687-5101

(S:JCRP) is a peer-reviewed international open-access journal e-published twice a year, addressing issues of planning and design of the built environment of various scales, emphasizing the interfaces between urban and regional planning, policy, design, and management.

Urban Transformations | BMC Journal
ISSN: 2524-8162

Urban Transformations is an inter-and transdisciplinary open access journal. It offers a publishing and discussion platform for people engaged in science, policy, and practice, targeting real-life impact.

Vitruvio: International Journal of Architectural Technology and Sustainability 
ISSN: 2444-9091

VITRUVIO Journal is an international research journal publishing articles with links to architectural technology and sustainability.


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