2017-2018 Steel Competition Top Ten For Student Winners

Honorable Mention: Open

Jesse Gomez & Hanshi Li

The Silhouette: Kara Walker’s Art Museum

Student: Jesse Gomez & Hanshi Li | Woodbury University

Faculty: Duane McLemore | Woodbury University

Project Description

The Steel Structure is orientated around the skin, according to the same solar angle that makes its form. The steel light tubes have multiple functions as light tube, main structure, and escalator travel through the building. there are two times a year the light tube is perfect align with sun on 10 am morning and another at 4 pm afternoon, and cast spotlight in the center of shadows.

Ground Level begin to show general relationships, spatial requirements of the building, site and overall strategy for how people enter the building. The 4th level is where the program is broken down into each individual space, and have public and private circulations in the areas.

This project is a cultural response to the neighborhood, introducing Kara  Walker as the main artist. It use shadows to generate its form, Instead of just the result of form. Two times a year the shadow would be perfect as diagram indicated at 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.

The structure gird on skin are flexible, which is more dense on heavy loading point and loose at light loading point, just like the CCTV Headquarter in Beijing.

Both skins grids and light tubes are act as structure members, and steal beams for floor plates are runs between.

This project acts as a giant show case in the middle of Leimert park, it will attract people and welcome them into this unique neighbourhood. It interact with the park and acts as en extension of it since the entire ground level and sunken sculpture garden are great addition to the park.

Form provides opportunities outdoor and indoor relationships. The circulation of  light tubes escalators help the crowd engage a different experience as they move upwards to each different floors.

The light shafts on roof are create by lifting up one corner of the skin panels and allow lights come in to gallery.