2017-2018 Steel Competition Top Ten For Student Winners

Honorable Mention: Open

Ariel Adhidevara & Saul Serrano

The Sheath

Student: Ariel Adhidevara & Saul Serrano | Diablo Valley College

Faculty: Daniel Abbott | Diablo Valley College

Project Description

This is a tower with the main idea of layering. The structure, living, circulation and public space are all components of this layering idea. Within the structure layers, the tower has a double diagrid which eliminates the function of the concrete core. By doing so, we open up space for a vertical atrium. The tower as a whole is united a sheath as well as vertically.

Program Edit

A residential tower with 22 micro units, 19 medium size units and 5 luxury units. Between them there are sky lobbies for the residents. The tower also includes a base with a lobby, retail space and a public roof garden/atrium to enjoy the city on a rooftop.