2018-2019 Housing Competition


Yifang Zuo

Project Description

This project continues an ongoing exploration into the future of the House. The House today is conceptually destabilized under the increasing stresses of contemporary society – pressures of economy, identity, belonging, convenience. The challenge to imagine the domestic space of the future, is the challenge to reposition the house in relation to these outside forces. Where previously we investigated the House as a negotiation between an individual’s privacy and their community, this iteration will look to the house and its relationship with the realm of production.

This project is neither a rebuke of this dissolving separation of live and work, nor a full embrace of a new ‘live-work’ reality. Instead, I look to other models of this simultaneity that existed before – other modes of production and creation, outside of the current ‘open office’ which have coincided with home. Based on the research of hellscraper house and Frank Furt kitchen, the house comes with the client of 17 cats and an old couple. There are two kinds of activities in the house: cat feeding (which is fast pace) and whisky making (which is slow pace). This project tries to combine these two activities together by designing the furniture to define all the interior space for them.