2020 Steel Competition

Honorable Mention: CDC 2.0

Kade Brandon

Juror Comments

CDC 2.0 receives an honorable mention for its visually complex graphics and interpretation of steel structure as a kit of parts. The masterplan design is a fantastic program proposal that is executed in a sophisticated manner.

Project Description

A pandemic is defined as a disease epidemic that has a spread across a large region. As many know, the COVID-19 is affecting people across the world and with a new virus comes new adaptations. New equipment, medicines, and technology and more is required for a cure. A new research facility for the disease could be the answer, but just as a virus grows and spreads a research facility should be able to do the same. The rate at which the current COVID-19 is spreading is at a record high. If not controlled, it could possibly be the worst pandemic breakout in history. The current capacities of hospitals are running out. At this rate, pop up hospitals might be introduced in the United States l like China has done. What if a research facility could be transformed into a relief center for a pandemic? With the CDC 2.0, this disease research facility will double as a relief center for pandemics/epidemics that breakout. Just as a pandemic spreads out from an initial spot, pods will be able to attach to the existing structure of the research facility and “spread”. This will allow for people at the research facility to moderate people with the disease and carry out research on them. Just as a virus spreads and can adapt quickly, the research facility can add on pods quickly and adapt to a pandemic outbreak.

The facility consists of research pods and patient pods. The patient pods have 2 different iterations. One iteration has multiple beds inside of it for people who are in less critical care. The other pod is for people who require more care and need to be alone in their pods. The research pods have refrigerators, and plenty of storage for new medicines they are researching and developing to help aid the patients in their battle. There is ICU back of house spaces as well for people who require more intensive care. Office, restrooms, and storage can be also found adjacent to the ICU program.