2018-2019 Built2Last

2nd Place: THE A.R.C

Jacob Bartels & Aaron Deroux

Juror Comments

This winning project, The A.R.C, shows how a monolithic structure that works in an urban environment. This holistic approach envisions a resilient building, showcase how the building would continue to function in a flood. Structurally sound and well detailed, this project designs spaces you’d want to realistically inhabit.

Project Description

Water is an abundant element in our world that is both gentle and dangerous. As humans, water gives us life, but as many floods and hurricanes have proven, it can also take it away. Located in the heart of New Orleans between The Lower Ninth Ward and Chalmette neighborhoods, this intervention aims to unite these communities under one roof in a space of recreation. With this we are able to provide an opportunity to give back to those who have suffered many hardships in its past.

If a disaster strikes this area again, the A.R.C becomes a disaster relief center ready to embrace and endure the elements. Inspired by the New Orleans levee walls, the A.R.C aims to rise above conventional defenses by creating a hierarchy of spaces. The lowest floor is designed to embrace the flow of water, while the more protective spaces such as the main shelter and command center, are out of reach from extreme flooding predictions. During times of peace, these spaces will act as a multi-purpose gym and digital library. Just like in the story of Noah, the A.R.C will float above the danger, and protect those inside.