Less Talk More Action: Conscious Shifts in Architectural Education

The Pedagogy of Creative Placemaking: A Field Begins to Come of Age

Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Victor Rubin, Celina Tchida, Maria Rosario Jackson & Theresa Hwang

Creative placemaking has been evolving from a narrow definiti on of applying art and design ideas to community projects into a more expansive, equity-focused field of practice. As the funder consortium Art Place America describes it, “Creati ve placemaking happens when artists and arts organizations join their neighbors in shaping their community’s future, working together on place-based community outcomes. It’s not necessarily focused on making places more creative; it’s about creatively addressing challenges and opportunities…. creative placemaking at its best is locally defined and informed and about the people who live, work, and play in a place.”


Volume Editors
Amy Larimer, Deborah Berke, Diana Lin, Drew Krafcik, John Barton & Sunil Bald