106th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, The Ethical Imperative

The Online Moral Paradox: Understanding the Benefits of Downloadable Content on the Performance of Students in the Design Studio

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Magdy Mohamed Ibrahim & Sadeka Shakour

This paper investigates the students’ habits of using online resources in educational environments. The purpose of the study is to understand the extent that the new medium provides and the extent of benefits to students’ learning. Resources that are useful to professionals might not be as helpful to students who are supposed to draft and model the most mundane elements of their work themselves. However, students do have access to the same resources professional have with no difference nor guidance. From an academic standpoint, student users might treat those content websites as normal go-to locations to obtain readymade solutions. Does it make a difference to the quality of the students’ work? What is the moral reference for such behavior? How much of such behavior should be acceptable? How can we regulate the online interaction without scientific authority?


Volume Editors
Amir Ameri & Rebecca O'Neal Dagg