105th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Brooklyn Says, "Move to Detroit"

The La’ mella House Small Efforts: Big Impacts

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Ahmed K. Ali & Jaechang Ko

“I remembered him, with a thick gray beard and several layers of clothes standing by the bus stop when it was freezing outside. I used to stop and pick him up in my toasty car, open up the trunk with a push of a button so he could shove his heavy duffle bag, he often sit in the back seat saying basically … nothing. I tried several times to initiate conversations with him. But when he talked – hardly ever – he said jewels of wisdom. Library workers knew him as an avid reader who spent time at the library nearly every day. Teddy Henderson or Abdul-Shahid passed away on October 6,2008; he was 62. He was born in Brooklyn,N.Y., in 1946. He graduated from high school and attended Hampton University in Virginia.In 1968, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Washington, D.C. The story of Abdul-Shahid is not much different than the story of thousands of homeless Americans who left us perplexed with mystery.


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Luis Francisco Rico-Gutierrez & Martha Thorne