2019 ACSA Teachers Conference, Practice of Teaching | Teaching of Practice: The Teacher’s Hunch

The Imaginative Space of Narrative

Teachers Proceedings

Author(s): Tracey Walker Moir-McClean

Narrative imagination creates a space of learning where contemporary and historic knowledge of designed place merge. This paperdiscusses how an instructor’s curation and narration of archival material can provoke design-students to imagine narratives and actively visualize processes humans use to construct, inhabit and adjust comfort in place. The concept of narrative imagination presented in this paper is informed by traditional narrative as Marie-Laure Ryan defines it her 2005 article, Narrative and the Split Condition of Digital Textuality: (The traditionalist school) “conceives narrative as an invariant core of meaning, a core that distinguishes narrative from other types of discourse, and gives it a trans-cultural, trans-historical, and trans-medial identity.”1 The work of Gerard Genette, Levi-Strauss, Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida, Monica Fludernik, John Fiske, James Phelan, Henry Jenkins and others is also influential.2


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