Crossings Between the Proximate and Remote

The Bathhouse, an Interior Microcosm

Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Nerea Feliz Arrizabalaga

Bathhouses constitute an environmental constructionmarked by the architectural articulation of thephysiological and the meteorological. Collectivebathing spaces form autonomous spaces for immersionwithin altered physics, artificial environmentsthat are internalized and isolated from the environment.The most intimate contact between the bodyand architecture takes place at the bath space. As aninterior space that protects the naked body from theelements and society, collective bathing spaces producean intensified, contained and controlled earthlyEden. The peculiarity of collective baths as new artificialNatures, both at a physical, meteorological,physiological and social level, allows these constructionsto be referred to as interior microcosms.

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Urs Peter Flueckiger & Victoria McReynolds