Cross Americas: Probing Disglobal Networks

TEXAS 2050

International Proceedings

Author(s): Ian Caine, Trenton Tunks & Carlos Serrano

By the year 2050 the United States population will increase by half, with 70% living in a megaregion (Regional Plan Association, 2006). These numbers emphasize the critical link between large-scale territorial expansion and the prospects for successful urbanism.  Currently, 11 mega-regions exist in the U.S., each bound together by a unique mixture of demographics, infrastructure, culture, and environment. As each megaregion grows, it must identify and leverage critical infrastructures that are capable of binding geographies and increasing efficiencies. This project speculates about one such strategy for the emerging megaregion known as the Texas Triangle.

Volume Editors
Alfredo Andia, Umberto Bonomo, Macarena Cortes, Dana Cupkova & Vera Parlac