Cross Americas: Probing Disglobal Networks


International Proceedings

Author(s): Karen Lange

Composed as an ethereal, tenuous experience, STUCK was designed to embrace light and darkness. A collaborative design project stuck was an installation designed, funded, created, fabricated, and constructed by 18 students in a thesis studio. The installation served as showcase to present each of the student’s thesis research books. STUCK was conceptually developed over a month through sketches and full-scale prototyping with construction and exhibition occurring over a five day period. The tight timeline required the participation of all 18 students – peeling, sticking, and adhering 35 miles of packaging tape across a steel uni-strut structure to form two main atria. Additional occupiable tendrils stretched to attach to the main structure, stabilizing and forming tunnels and slings into which to climb and recline. Visitors were able to gather and browse thesis books in the atria before climbing into the tendrils for intimate reading. As darkness reduced the light, STUCK transformed from reading space to alternate experience; reading became impossible and skin became digital scrim, transformed by music tempo and volume, and array of videos projected onto the skin. In this incarnation, the focus shifted from form and books to exploitation and manipulation of space, perception, and material properties.

Volume Editors
Alfredo Andia, Umberto Bonomo, Macarena Cortes, Dana Cupkova & Vera Parlac