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Street Urbanism in a Global Context: Research Methods in Understanding Health and Place

Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Mary Anne Alabanza Akers

Street urbanism is the dynamic interplay of people, streets, vehicles,sidewalks, and buildings. In an Asian context, street urbanismimplies seemingly chaotic architecture; disorganized array of signs;deafening sounds of honking vehicles, shouts, and urban noises;concoction of vehicular exhaust, construction dust, and other smokeproducing activities; and street vendors who impede movement onsidewalks and streets. The informal vendors are common “fixtures”in Asian streets and are often misunderstood and become prime targetsfor strict regulations. However, they are integral to the vibrancyof Asian streets. They provide goods and services to urban citizens(Bhowmik, 2005). They take on the role of public “police” with their“eyes constantly on the street.” And they contribute by generatingincome and spending in the local economy.

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Billie Faircloth, Howard Frumkin & Sara Jensen Carr