Play with the Rules

Sea-Level Hi-Rise! The Waterfront Adaptati on Board Game

Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Gabriel Kaprielian

The issues presented by sea level rise along the urban edge of coastal cities involve a complex series of challenges including: regional versus local governance, built versus natural environment, vulnerable local and regional infrastructure, diverging interests with diverse stakeholders, and population growth. With each possible future scenario come multiple outcomes with winners and losers. How can the best policy and design be selected and tested? How will communities learn about different options and strategies for adaptation and be empowered to act? To address the pressing problems for coastal adaptation in response to climate change, ecological degradation, and urban growth, this project suggests that game play can inspire creative communication and collective optimism.

Volume Editors
Jasmine Benyamin, Kyle Reynolds, Mo Zell, Nikole Bouchard & Whitney Moon