Cross Americas: Probing Disglobal Networks

Restless Space, a Consumable Interior

International Proceedings

Author(s): Nerea Feliz

Populating the urban fabric of the host environment with myriad objects for sale, the street market produces a brief, exuberant and perishable system of interior spaces. While the market is taking place, the semiotics of the domestic unexpectedly disguise the city’s streets. With a fluctuating number of vendors and an oscillating volume of merchandise, street markets defy prescribed architectural boundaries, raising dilemmas about flexibility and design control when using standard architectural components to provide permanence. Although nominally outdoors, what street markets thrive on is a captivating kind of interiority, a mutable medium, characterized by cycles of change. Rather than following architectural typologies, the design of permanent market stalls might profitably turn its focus to models of interior occupation.

Volume Editors
Alfredo Andia, Umberto Bonomo, Macarena Cortes, Dana Cupkova & Vera Parlac