Intersections Between the Academy and Practice, Papers from the 2017 AIA/ACSA Intersections Symposium

Research-Based Design and Green Buildings: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Between Students, Faculty and Practitioners

Intersections Proceedings

Author(s): Kalina Vander Poel & Corey Griffin

Over the past five years, faculty in the School of Architecture at Portland State University have been awarded four grants totaling over $1,000,000 to transform green building education with an emphasis on interdisciplinary experiences, research-based design and collaboration with practice. This paper highlights the progress and lessons learned from three interrelated programs: the Research-based design Initiative, the Building Science Lab to Advance Teaching and the Green Building ScholarsProgram. Issues discussed include barriers to conducting collaborative green building research between the academy and practice, the challenges of interdisciplinary coursework, and how these programs could be a model for other universities.

Volume Editors
John Folan & Julie Ju-Youn Kim