Play with the Rules


Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Julie Larsen & Roger Hubeli

With the Oxford dictionary definition of PATTERN as “an intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way in which it is done,” ‘playing out’ begins at how to use patterning to explore the perceivable performance and formal attributes of a material. Using advanced, high-strength concrete materials for the design of a pavilion; the final form rebukes the traditional ‘rules’ of concrete that it is a heavy and thick material. The pavilion is conceived as extremely light and mobile with a poche that becomes thin, punctured, and seemingly transparent, formed by only two inch thin structural walls. The formal twist of patt erns that is used to achieve these att ributes reveals the complexity of the performance of a material that wants to generate a completely new understanding of what surface, structure and form can become. Deleuze and Guattari describe this more playful methodology as similar to the Gothic approach of constructing where ‘the static relation, form-matter, tends to fade into the background in favor of a dynamic relation, material-forces.’1

Volume Editors
Jasmine Benyamin, Kyle Reynolds, Mo Zell, Nikole Bouchard & Whitney Moon