104th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Shaping New Knowledges

Objects Unknown Against Buildings Well-Known: Notes on a Pedestrian Knowledge of Architecture

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Philip Schauss

In architectural history and theory, the occupants of buildings are continuously andprofoundly unformulated. This omission, however, is not particular to architecturaldiscourse. It is rooted within a productive insecurity that pervades the humanitiesas a whole. The things one can certainly say of the subject, let alone of the subjectthat inhabits architecture, seem exasperatingly skeletal. This goes hand in hand witha hesitance to speculate on how “we humans” experience anything as ubiquitousand varied as Architecture (capital A). If indeed we can’t quite say how we are, thenmaybe our buildings can assist in holding up a mirror.

Volume Editors
Robert Corser & Sharon Haar