105th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Brooklyn Says, "Move to Detroit"

New Cloud Atlas

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Amber Frid-Jimenez, Ben Dalton & Joseph Dahmen

Access to information is a vital element of a free society.1However, contemporary information infrastructureis largely constructed, operated, and maintained bymajor corporations. These multinational entities havea reach at once more extensive and less transparentthan the national governments that have traditionallyprovided other forms of public infrastructure.2The New Cloud Atlas (http://newcloudatlas.org) isan open-source participatory platform that maps andcatalogues the physical assets of the cloud—warehousedata centers, Internet exchanges, connectingcables and switches—in an open and accessible way,rendering the physical infrastructure of informationopen to public scrutiny. The project is modelled on theInternational Meteorological Organization, which atits founding in 1873 was one of the first transnationalentities engaged in the global exchange of information.

Volume Editors
Luis Francisco Rico-Gutierrez & Martha Thorne