Less Talk More Action: Conscious Shifts in Architectural Education

Narrative, Self and Engagement: An Immersive T(r)opical Experience

Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Michael Mossman & Anna Ewald-Rice

We pay our respects to the traditional custodians of the Country 1 on which this paper was composed. This is the Country of the Gadigal People. Architectural education is empowered with agency and a capacity to critique socially inequitable issues. It offers unique opportunities to make an impact with communities beset with challenges of infrastructural inequality. One such challenge is the right to adequate house, a basic human rights stipulated by the United Nations. 2 Indigenous Australian community ways of being, knowing and doing are predicated through traditional, historical and contemporary narratives that coexist within a settler colonising framework. Architectural engagement with housing is a challenging issue within communities that is both celebrated and commiserated with endless permutations in between. Immersive and experiential inquiries that activate understandings of this dialogue have little visibility in architectural education studio environments. This paper reflects on a participatory workshop that engages participants in these inquiries about self relative to a specific Indigenous Australian community issue.


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Amy Larimer, Deborah Berke, Diana Lin, Drew Krafcik, John Barton & Sunil Bald