104th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Shaping New Knowledges

Long Distance Architecture

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Samuel Stewart-Halevy

What do we work on when we work on architecture, and what is architectural about thiswork? For a long time, the answer to the first part of this question might have been “themedia of architectural representation,” and the answer to the second part might have beenthe “indirect nature” of an architect’s operations. Alternately described as a “translatorydistance” and “notational gap,” the suspension between the architect and the object of architecturallabor- namely the sited building- has been crucial in distinguishing architectural workfrom other, more direct forms of art making such as painting, sculpture and poetry and aligningit with “allographic” forms such as choreography and musical composition.1

Volume Editors
Robert Corser & Sharon Haar