Crossings Between the Proximate and Remote

Light Formations

Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Beverly Choe

“Light Formations” is a group of student-created artinstallations, that explore the material, organizationaland perceptual dimensions of light. Completedin 2016 for a course called “Light, Color and Space”at Stanford University, these projects engage lightas both photon units and generators of atmosphere.They aim to reveal this invisible matter through arange of material and spatial tactics. In so doing,these pieces harness light as a primary material,affording visual and experiential access to the lightthat surrounds us. These installations draw upon alegacy of light studies initiated by artists throughoutthe last century. Although light has been a subjectof artistic concern for millennia, the approach ofisolating light as a malleable artistic medium is adecidedly modern practice. This paper will track itsevolution from an exhibition and stage set element,to a medium for visual resonance, and a channel forintrospection and self-knowledge.

Volume Editors
Urs Peter Flueckiger & Victoria McReynolds