105th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Brooklyn Says, "Move to Detroit"

Lafayette Park: In-Between Urbanism

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Virginia Stanard

Criticism of modernist planning strategies in the UnitedStates has prompted the demolition of superblockhousing projects and the subsequent approbation ofNew Urbanism as a model for urban revitalization.Despite these trends, the Lafayette Park developmentin Detroit challenges and contradicts the presumedfailures of modern architecture and urbanism. Aparadox of city and suburb amidst the contestedurbanism of Detroit, Lafayette Park’s significance liesin its contradictions—the reification of Modernism’spotential combined with the limitations of this vision.These contradictions have enabled the success ofLafayette Park, elevating it as a development modelfor Detroit’s future.

Volume Editors
Luis Francisco Rico-Gutierrez & Martha Thorne