Crossings Between the Proximate and Remote

Intern[ed]: Between Past & Present, Invisible & Made Visible, (un)Mediated & Performed

Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Beth Weinstein

How are architecture, politics, labor and invisibilityentangled? The creative work discussed in this essay,Intern[ed], seeks to reveal the erased architecturesof WWII era Japanese-American internment andthe invisible labors that occurred there and to drawthese into tension with contemporary ExecutiveOrders in which architectures of confinement andexclusion are latent. Through performance andinstallation, Intern[ed] shuttles between past andpresent, between invisibility and rendering visible,between remote and near, site and Non-Site,a-situated and citational, the mediated and theimmediately present.

Volume Editors
Urs Peter Flueckiger & Victoria McReynolds