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Author(s): Neyran Turan

In his 1974 article titled “Architecture and Modesty,” published in Casabella, Andre Branzi,one of the members of the Italian Archizoom group wrote: “With the development of theelectronic media and mass-culture, architecture has become something of a minor art…Once considered the most complete and noble of the arts, architecture has lost its preeminencenot only because of the external difficulties of a political and economic naturethat it has always encountered, but because of a deep internal crisis now afflicting it as aresult of modifications in the mechanisms of cultural production and of the urban functionitself….Today the city is no longer a cultural ‘place’ but a ‘condition’…The quality that we askof the city today has nothing to do with form or composition, but only with the quality ofsocial services and the market.”1

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