Less Talk More Action: Conscious Shifts in Architectural Education

False Prophets

Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Germane Barnes

Architecture education routinely manifests deity-like figures. They are placed on pedestals and their work, whether theoretical or actualized, acquires a holistic reverence. Rem Koolhaas, Jane Jacobs, etc. are architectural prophets that influence history, theory and practice. Explicitly or implicitly, their texts show clear bigotry and privilege. Jacobs states, “In some city areas-older public housing projects and streets with very high population turnover are often conspicuous examples—the keeping of public sidewalk law and order is left almost entirely to the police and special guards. Such places are jungles”.


Volume Editors
Amy Larimer, Deborah Berke, Diana Lin, Drew Krafcik, John Barton & Sunil Bald