2021 International Conference: 27th World Congress of Architects

DESIGN AND BUILD! Re-thinking the Self- Built Informal Housing in Sao Paulo

International Proceedings

Author(s): Eduardo Pimentel Pizarro & Joana Carla Soares Goncalves

The favela is a pressing reality in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, concentrating around 10% of its population. Despite the public investments and its higher consolidation status, the favela still lacks some urban infrastructures and services. In addition to that, housing is a key topic both due to the social dynamics embedded and to the poor environmental conditions found indoors, mainly caused by overexposure to solar radiation (particularly on the roof level), under performative building fabric and inefficient openings. From this context, how would it be possible to develop practical and replicable design strategies for the façades of self-built favela houses, environmentally informed, in Subtropical Climates? The research pro-design method applied in this work articulates fieldwork, analytical simulations and prospective exercises that culminate on the construction of a 1:1 prototype entitled “Everyday House”, in the second largest favela in the city of São Paulo, “Favela de Paraisópolis”, with the aim of promoting its replication within and outside of the local community, showcasing the real application of the design proposal.

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