104th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Shaping New Knowledges

Arrivals Public Art + Infrastructure Project

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Caryn Brause & Joseph Krupczynski

Winner of an open public competition,“Arrivals” is a public art + infrastructure projectat the Mosher St. Underpass in Holyoke,Massachusetts. The project transforms a keygateway between downtown Holyoke and anadjacent residential neighborhood into a safe,inviting, and creative attraction. The intentionof the project is to contrast the singularimage of the city with the multiple voices ofresidents’ arrival stories, and in doing so, captureHolyoke’s rich immigrant and migrantexperience. The $35,000, CDBG-funded creativeplacemaking project is a direct responseto the immediate context of its site, which isadjacent to the historic gateway to the city–H.H. Richardson’s former train station.

Volume Editors
Robert Corser & Sharon Haar