107th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Black Box

ARC182: Drafting and Drawing

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Jonathan Louie

While drafting and drawing have a few things in common: both begin with a mark, both are an assembly of points and lines, and, both are an act of representing a subject. Despite their similarities its’ fair to say in they stand miles apart in the act of creating a building, and broadly, practice versus project. In a society where images are altering our habits of communication and interpretation.1 Arc182 reconsiders commonly taught drawing types, then focuses on projective examples of As-Found Drawings that productively misread the distinction between communicating through drafting and accessing ideas through drawing. Begging the question, if architectures means and ends rely on imaging, how can architectural ideas develop from mixing meaning in its’ images?


Volume Editors
Amy Kulper, Grace La & Jeremy Ficca